Protecting Yourself from the Dangers of the Web

It goes without saying that most of us already appreciate the wealth of information available from the World Wide Web. From homes to small businesses to schools to large corporations, the Internet enables commerce and communication, but the Internet also opens a host of security threats and harmful contents—such as pornography, gambling, and violence—contents that parents may find unsuitable for viewing by minors.

One solution to address the dangers of the Web is to implement content filtering to prevent computer users from viewing inappropriate web sites or content. Content filtering can be achieved in various different ways. It may be implemented via software on individual computers or at a central point on the network such as the proxy server or internet router. Read more

The Magic of Unicode

The Internet is a wonderful place that brings people across the world together into a virtual environment where they can communicate with each other freely. Never before in history has it been so easy to get to know one another and appreciate each other’s languages and cultures. One of the primary reasons that contributes to the popularity of the Internet is that it is easy to use, and hence many people readily adopt it and make it part of their lives.

Despite the universality of the Internet, in actual fact however, dealing with the multitude of languages across the world is anything but easy. Because computers are machines, they naturally deal with bits and bytes on the fundamental level. In order for a computer to be able to store text and numbers that humans can understand, there needs to be a code that transforms characters into numbers. Read more

The Arduous Task of Translation

The task of a translator is not as simple as one might assume. Nowadays if one wish to understand the meaning of a particular text in a foreign language, say from a website, he or she can simply use one of the freely available translation tools on the web such as Google Translate to instantaneously perform the translation of the foreign language into a language that he or she understands. Nonetheless, the result of using such a mechanical tool may be far less than satisfactory than one would have wanted.

The underlying reason behind this is due to the fact that the process of translation is complicated and time-consuming, and hence the job of the translator is a difficult one. The task of translation is not simply about translating individual words or sentences just as Google does, but rather entire texts have to be translated. It is not enough to produce grammatically correct sentences, but natural sentences that faithfully reflect the meaning of the source text in the way the author originally intended. Furthermore, the translator should do his best to retain the special characteristics of the original source text, while at the same time the translated text has to accommodate readers with a different culture and background. Read more

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