Complete Development Process

We start first with working with the customer to clarify what is precisely required for the website, such as the technology and tools to be used for building the site, company logos and branding, nature of site’s contents, languages required.

For larger websites incorporating more features such as E-Commerce, we would spend more time with the customer to clarify further details about the exact features of the site. The result of the entire process is documented and the customer will have the opportunity to review and modify the requirements before they are finalised.

Design: We then proceed to work with the design of the website, working closely with the customer to work out the website’s appearance, including site templates, fonts, colours, logos, navigational menus, etc.

The design of the website also involves determining how contents are to be organised. Here, we figure out how content is to be categorised and labelled, decide on the terminology and taxonomy of data, and determine the structure of the contents within a multilingual framework.

Implementation: After the above preliminary work has been completed, we can then proceed towards implementing the website in accordance with the documented requirements and design specifications. We keep you regularly updated and informed of the progress of the project. Testing will take place throughout development in order to ensure that everything is working as expected.

At various stages and milestones throughout this process, you will have the opportunity to test the website to see if it meets the requirements and specifications.

Content Development: In this process, we work with you to create contents for your website. Contents are typically stored in a database and organised in accordance to a structure that can be easily and regularly updated through a content management system.

We can create descriptions about your company and its products and services. We can also assist you in producing compliance documents, such as privacy and terms of use statements. We can also translate these contents to the desired language of your choice as required.

Deployment: After work on the website has been completed, we can then deploy it on a server. Here we provide you a range of web hosting options which you can choose. We can also help with domain name purchases, SSL security certificates (which are required for an E-Commerce enabled site) and other hosting-related issues that are essential to getting the website up and running. We can also provide ongoing services such as usage reporting and site maintenance and upgrades.