Multilingual Websites

Softell Solutions offers a complete service for developing websites in multiple languages that reach to an international audience. Developing a multilingual website involves adapting your website to meet the requirements of overseas markets, which means your website must be in the language of that market. For companies operating internationally, a multilingual website is essential for reaching to a broad international audience.

Adapting and localising an existing website or maintaining an internationalised website having multilingual content can be costly and time-consuming. Most website development companies do not offer services of language translation or localisation, and similarly on the other hand, most language companies also do not offer website development.

Softell Solutions not only offer services for website development, but we also offer a complete solution for building websites that cater for the international audiences in their own languages. We are able to carry out design and development, and create content for your website, providing you with a complete and cost-effective solution. Furthermore, we also offer localisation services for existing websites, doing the language translation and making the necessary changes tailored for the intended foreign audience.

We also offer highly customised e-commerce solutions in the languages of your choice to allow selling your products and services online to international markets. We can help you to develop a custom tailored site that reflects your corporate identity. We can also help you to set up secure online credit card processing capability that is linked to your bank account to facilitate monetary transactions.