Affordable Cost

Translation cost is an important consideration for our customers. In the beginning, it may not be straightforward to make an accurate cost estimate for the project due to various factors. Depending on the nature of the documents, some translations only require brief editing, while some goes through a more refined process requiring more editing and polishing for the best results.

The cost of translation is primarily based on the number of words or characters in the original document to be translated, and the price depends on the nature and purpose of the document itself. Generally speaking, documents of higher importance, having formal and legal nature such as a company’s quarterly report or contents of highly technical nature such as that of a product’s manual, usually requires extra editing and proof-reading. While on the other hand, some translations are simply for understanding, such as those involving general matters such as arranging an appointment.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives to request for an immediate quote for your translation project. Upon your approval of the quote and after discussing with us any other specific requirements you may have, we can then commence to work on the project.