Content Management System

With its sophisticated content management systems, Softell Solutions can help you manage your content and make it simple with web-based user friendly interfaces to update contents across all the languages of your website.

A content management system, or more commonly known as CMS, is the collection of procedures used to manage work flow in a collaborative environment. A site managed by CMS can contain data defined as documents, movies, pictures, interactive surveys, and so forth. The CMS acts as a central repository, making it easier to regularly update, revise, and control data, as well as adding semantic information to facilitate classification and navigation.

The interface to the CMS is web browser based, allowing content creators to create, submit and manage contents using mark-up languages such as HTML.

In summary, some of the advantages of a CMS system include:

  • Allowing many people to contribute and share content
  • Controlling access to data based on user roles
  • Making regular updates to site’s contents easier
  • Facilitating discussions amongst site’s users
  • Improving communication between users
  • Uniform appearance of a site through the use of custom defined templates
  • Centrally managed storage on contents in a database
  • Easier management and classification of contents

For building a medium or large multilingual websites that is regularly updated, such as a news site, we recommend using a content management system. With a sophisticated CMS, your website can be much more than being made up of simple static content. You can create a website that interact with visitors through surveys and polls, sell goods and services online, run automated email marketing campaigns, and much more.

Creating such websites can be complex and time-consuming as it requires more programming. Furthermore, the challenge becomes greater when you are handling multiple languages. Softell Solutions has the expertise in building and incorporating such features in your multilingual website. We can also help you develop and maintain your website’s content as required.